At a conference in Amherst, Mass. I had the joy of waking to a flute just outside my window each morning. It just felt so good! Once again I had the pleasure of feeling those vibrations gently nudge me and welcome me to the new day! Then I wanted to learn the flute! My father also “wished to learn the flute”. He died with his music still in him! Let us encourage everyone to make their own music. Just pick up an instrument and play with it. The instrument and your deep listening will teach you a lot!

At the Music Educators National Conference in Orlando June 2007, Mr. Joe Lamond, NAMM, the International Music Products Association said, “At least 80% of the non-musicians wish they played an instrument or sang.”

Universal Music Day especially speaks to that 80% as well as, amateur and professional musicians.

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“I loved your book The ABZ’s of Musical Instruments from the first time I picked it up. It contains so much of what I’ve subconsciously wished for in a children’s music book: * Exposure to world instruments, * themes of world peace and love, * encouragement to do music and face fears, * information about the background of instruments, * random fun pages like the Creative Color Chart, * total loving recognition of support with references emphasizing ‘community + gratitude, and LOVE of LIFE!’ “So thank you so much for following this inspiration of yours! I feel very grateful to have a copy of your book and know it will come in handy as a great resource in times to come.” —Erin S., Student Teacher, Bryn Athyn, PA