It was truly wonderful to be included as one of the musicians for the first and second Universal Music Day festivities. I am excited about doing it again this year. I am a firm believer in the magic power that music has in unifying all people from all walks of life. Music is a peace maker, a common expression of how we feel as human beings. If we have Arbor Day, and other such holidays, then we aught to have a day dedicated to All kinds of music. I’m really glad you thought of this, and even more astounding, that you were able to realize your dream. When I was interviewed by Carol Anne Johnson of the Apollo Project, for her internet radio show, I mentioned that I had met them at UMD, and that you are the founder and that you had given me a chance to show my creative talent. So a little publicity for UMD is being broadcast each time they ere my show, all around the world.  I just forgot to tell you about it. Continue your great work,

From a fellow peace singer, Sharis

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