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What is the Spirit Of Music?

The Spirit Of Music (SOM) is sound and vibrations that connects everything in the universe. The little character the “Spirit Of Music” symbolizes the vastness, wonder, beauty and connectedness of our world. The SOM can also remind us that when our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits are connected we feel whole and complete. I hope it reminds you to be curious about how to connect all those different parts of yourself.

Aunt Susie believes that if everyone in the world appreciated our connections to ourselves and to each other, we would have a world that works for everyone—in other words, “Peace on Earth.”


Why do you believe that we can make the world work for everyone and have peace on earth?

Because dreams can come true! I believe we can make the world work for everyone and have peace on Earth because we have a history of doing things that seemed to be impossible! Here are three examples:

  • People used to believe that the earth was flat—then Columbus and others sailed to North America and proved the earth was round.
  • When I was a little girl, if I had tried to cook a baked potato on a paper plate in our gas oven, my mom and dad would have been very upset. They would worry that I might hurt myself. Then in the 1964, Dr. Percy LaBaron Spencer’s invention was revealed to the world at the New York World’s Fair. Aunt Susie was there. The invention was first called the Radar Range. We know it as the microwave oven. Cooking food with microwaves was first discovered by accident in 1945 and became available for home use in the 1970’s.
  • When I was a teenager, people thought landing on the moon was impossible. Then President Kennedy came on the radio and television in May 1961 and declared that we would have a man on the moon within the decade. Most people just laughed and didn’t believe that would ever happen. However, smart, creative and brave people dared to dream and sent a man to the moon. Their dream and President Kennedy’s dream became a reality on July 20, 1969. Commander Neil Armstrong stepped out of Apollo 11 on the moon and said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Miracles happen, dreams come true and often we accomplish the impossible, especially, when we come from a place of love, and when we love our work so much that it feels like play.Here is one way to make dreams come true:

  • First, have a good idea.
  • Second, tell a trusted friend about your idea. Sometimes others may make fun of our idea. Listen and learn from their criticism and do your homework to see how to realize your dream.
  • Then with patience, trial and error, and a willingness to try, try again, your dream can come true.

What are some of your dreams? What do you think might be possible, even if no one agrees with you? What do you think might be possible, if lots of people agree with you?

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Why does the Spirit Of Music (SOM) have a globe for its head?

The Spirit Of Music (SOM) has a globe for its head because people from all around the world have wonderful ideas and most people believe that ideas begin inside our heads. Our good ideas can contribute to each other and with everyone working together toward a common goal like Peace on Earth we could have this wonderful world work for everyone. We need to encourage everyone in their greatness. Then theycan discover their gifts and bring those gifts to the world. That is simple and not easy.

Why do you think it is “simple but not easy”? Do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that ideas begin inside our heads. Some others believe that we think with our whole bodies, minds, hearts and even spirits if we are really brave. What do you think?

The body of the SOM is filled with music just like our bodies are!


Why do you say that the SOM has a heart-mind body?

My teacher, mentor and friend, Chungliang Al Huang drew that calligraphy. In his native language, Chinese, it means heart-mind consciousness. I like the idea that when we balance our heart and mind and when we listen with our hearts, we can create communities that have a balance between our self-interest and our social-interest.


Why do you show the whole world? Aren’t the people of North America responsible for music?

Our music is only one way of hearing our world’s music. All living things and people since the beginning of time made sounds and vibrations, which is what music is made of. Every culture around the world has its own special way of putting sounds together and creating music. It is remarkable how many different ways you can put some of the same sounds together to create so many different styles of music.

We can learn wonderful sounds and other interesting things if we listen to all people from all over the world. It is important to respect other cultures and their music. Some of it we will grow to love and all of it can teach us something.

What kind of music do you like best? What other kind of music have you listened to? Do you ever listen to classical music? People have enjoyed the music of some these great composers for hundreds of years? Why do you think people still remember their work? How about listening to Mozart, Bach, Barber, Bartok, Beethoven, Berlioz, Bernstein, Bizet, Brahms, Chopin, Copland, Darling, Debussy, Dvorak, Elgar, Faure, Franck, Gounod, Grieg, Handel, Haydn, Ives, Liszt, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Offenbach, Orff, Prokofiev, Puccini, Rachmaninov, Ravel, Rimsky-Korsakov, Saint-Saens, Schubert, Schumann, Scriabin, Shostakovich, Sibelius, Smetana, Strauss, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Wagner and hear the variety in their music? What other classical composers do you know? Do you know any great composers who are alive now?

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