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Please feel free to download the certificates and a copy of The Listening Game.

Hard copy certificates are also available through our products page,
personalized with each child’s name.

We are happy for you to make copies of the certificates and the poem — with proper acknowledgement to the author and the Web site — and give them to all your friends. Help us inspire all people of the world to make music!

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“Parents and children alike will flash a big smile at the sight of the ‘ABZ’s of Musical Instruments’ a most unique and captivation technique of introducing children to music. The dazzling bright colors highlighting the alphabet, as well as the wide selection of instruments, will educate, delight and capture the attention of both parent and child. The extensive glossary of the many unfamiliar instruments adds to the usefulness of the book.” —Johnnie Osburn Dent, Veteran Librarian and Recipient of The New York Times’ Librarian Award 2001 for Outstanding Community Service.