Found today from a writing on 22 December 2005

Goosebumps rose over my body like surges of playful, blinking Christmas lights as 20 Choral members sang Handle’s Messiah in the resonate Octagon on 10 December 2005. Equally electrifying surges of gratitude filled my heart, body, and soul for the amazing humans who gave me back my voice and my music. Not a day goes by without my awareness and gratitude for their sharing the Gift of Music with me in such a way that I could grab hold of it and make music my own. This gift keeps on giving and like a fine wine ripens and deepens with years.

My voice joined with the other Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater Choral members; who joined with countless Chorals and Choruses around the country and indeed the world; and we all joined with the countless Chorals and Choruses for hundreds of years, who have sung that masterpiece to the delight of millions and perhaps billions of humans every where. The Quantum Physicists would have us believe all of those sounds are still encircling the globe. But for me just joining with so many people to bring beauty, joy and love to so many enthusiastic listeners thrilled me in ways that I never would have thought possible back in April 1989. As I write this I am filled with a surge of hope that indeed we can create world peace and the knowledge that music paves the way one tiny note at a time.

In April 1989, at the age of 45 and extraordinary woman Susan Osborn convinced me through her beautiful teaching method that indeed I was not tone-deaf. I went home and joined our Summer Choir in Bethesda, Maryland.

An unfortunate incident in June led me to a most incredible August vacation/sound healing two week long music experience. That experience in an equally powerful way to the June collision, changed my life but this time in a positive way. Wasn’t it the Sound of Music 40 years ago that reminded us that whenever God closes a door, She opens a window? Well Susan Osborn and I opened the window in April and David Darling and I pulled me through that window to a life long adventure learning of the Power of Music.

A week later n August 1989, Kay Gardner and Jonathan Goldman opened my heart to allow those experiences to transcend and transform the negativity that the June incident both highlighted and brought into my life. My life has never been the same since. Thank you Susan Osborn for inviting me back to my voice to your Johns Hopkin’s workshop and giving me the encouragement to join our Summer choir. Thank you thank you David Darling for your encouragement to reclaim my music and thank you Kay Gardner and Jonathan Goldman for helping me take those gifts to heart!

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