ABZ’s of Musical Instruments Book 2 will have the symphonic instruments.
Book 3 is The Listening Game. The poem below will give you a preview.
You are invited to listen for those sounds in nature and to draw pictures
that relate to the words and sound.

The Listening Game

The Spirit of Music in Nature
It’s above the sky and under the sea
It’s in you
It’s in me
It’s in the trees and on the ground
It’s even in the children on the merry-go-round
We hear it when the wind blows ’round
We hear it when the storm begins to pound
We hear it in the thunder, in the lightening and when the rain falls to the ground
We hear it in the silence of winter’s white blanket of snow
We hear it when the ducks and geese must go
We hear it in the silence just before the morning’s dawn
We even hear it from the deer’s first fawn
We hear it when the birds and the lizards sing
We hear it when the church bells ring
We hear it when our friends and neighbors talk
We even hear it when the animals walk
We hear it when we stomp in a puddle
We hear it when we splash in the tub
We hear it when the beeeeessssssss are in a huddle
We hear it when the bear talks to her cub
If we listen, we hear it all through the day and night time too
If we listen, really listen, we hear it in everything we do
Do you know what “It” is?
It’s the Spirit of Music! – our Universal language!
Music is within us and all around us
Music is a Listening Game
Music guides us through our days and rocks us gently while we sleep
May you enjoy the MUSIC of your life’s symphony!
Copyright Susan Patricia Golden August 1998 www.FamilyMusicNetwork.net
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“My Two year old, Erin, loves her ABZ'S of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS book by Aunt Susie. She has learned the names of so many new instruments! We love to match the pictures in the book with the instruments we have. Then we make music! This book inspired us to expand our instruments and make music together as a family.” —Bonnie Shea