Dear Musicians for the 2nd Annual Universal Music Day,

As most of you know, I have high ideals and grandiose ideas [mostly magnificent and splendid rather than flaunting, showy or pompous].

You know that I want to be a part of changing the culture of how  Music, Musicians and Music Teachers are viewed.  Rather than the Arts and Music being viewed as the fluff after all the “important things” are paid for, I want people to  know that Art and Music are our Essence and therefore Essential to our well-being.

This will take all of us thinking in a different way and experimenting with different ways of being with others. I believe we have something to offer a hurting world!

Musicians and Music Teachers have a very special role in our communities, for I believe that Music can help keep people grounded and connect our hearts and minds to each other. MUSIC is like the steel pilings of  skyscrapers and cathedrals around which the concrete is poured and structure is erected.

Maya Angelou says that, “Music [singing] puts starch in our spines”.

Susan says, it also stimulates our courage, imposes discipline and helps us claim our voice to do what we need to do.

Our event is NOT ABOUT PERFORMANCE but about touching hearts and changing some of the culture, as well as doing what fine Musicians usually do:  fill our own souls and from that full place make a contribution with the intention of lifting our spirits and the spirits of our fellow musicians and our community for the evening. It is about enriching and inspiring people so we can build strong communities.

Therefore as you prepare for Saturday evening, please keep these ideals in  mind.

Plan to be there from 4 to 10. I know that is a lot to ask for no pay except a modest Chinese dinner. We are a part of building a new future based on a “search for truth and commitment to justice and treating all with respect.”

A few people are traveling quite a distance to join us and have other noble commitments on that same day so a few will arrive late and one must leave very early. I truly hope that they are the exception and that we will all get to know each other and give ourselves the gift of a leisurely dinner, mingling and building comfort with each other so that if, in the “Listeners Choice” after intermission, people want to hear you interact musically, you will feel comfortable to do that.

Please come with something special in mind that YOU would like to GET from the  evening. I believe things usually work best with a mutual giving and receiving. Win/Win/Win/Win the Musician, the active listeners, the collective whole which can ripple through our communities!

Warmly, Susan

PS: I apologize for having all this come your way in the last few days. However, I think you will be pleased and benefit from the coordination of our evening with  the Art Show, the Service that was held on Sept. 28  and the  other distractions that I have indulged in!

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“There’s magic in names and here’s an abecedary of wonderful names of wonderful things—instruments for making music from all around the world. Who, reading these incantatory names and seeing the beautiful pictures, would not be drawn into the universally enriching world of music?” —J.W. McPherson, Headmaster, The American School in Switzerland