Saturday  07 June 2008, my friend Kathy Luethje’s mother Katherine celebrated her 90th birthday with about
60 family and friends. By the end of the evening we were all family.

What made this celebration special besides the years celebrated, the delicious food, drinks and beautiful cake was the Lawrence Welk Entertainment Hour. What made the entertainment hour so special was that Katherine’s group of octogenarians started the program with several tunes, hymns and songs some of which were older than they were. To see this fabulous group of shall we say seniors, singing the golden oldies with smiles from ear to ear demonstrated the Power of Music to keep us young, active and vital! So “thank you ladies and gentlemen!”

In addition, the Master of Ceremonies Steve  announced Aunt Susie and her bundt

–And now its time for something completely different…. Originally made of ceramic or heavy cast iron and used in Germany and Austria to make coffee cake or bundkuchen, and then modified in the 195’s to the folded aluminum style we have today, the bundt cake pan has been sold to over 50 million people. Please join me now in welcoming Aunt Susie and her bundt pan to our program this evening.

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“I loved your book The ABZ’s of Musical Instruments from the first time I picked it up. It contains so much of what I’ve subconsciously wished for in a children’s music book: * Exposure to world instruments, * themes of world peace and love, * encouragement to do music and face fears, * information about the background of instruments, * random fun pages like the Creative Color Chart, * total loving recognition of support with references emphasizing ‘community + gratitude, and LOVE of LIFE!’ “So thank you so much for following this inspiration of yours! I feel very grateful to have a copy of your book and know it will come in handy as a great resource in times to come.” —Erin S., Student Teacher, Bryn Athyn, PA