Susan Patricia Golden, Aunt Susie

Susan Patricia Golden, Aunt Susie

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Susan Patricia Golden, Aunt Susie

Aunt Susie dedicates The ABZ’s of Musical Instruments Book 1 to YOU.
YOU are MUSICIANS and you show it every chance you
get! You know how much fun it is to make sounds. You are by nature, wonderfully curious about sounds and, in fact,
about everything. Curiosity is a gift that we come into the world with.
Notice that word wonderfully — full of wonder! Full of awe,
astonishment, surprise, admiration and even doubt. Your appreciation of your world gives adults many gifts, as we
view the world through your eyes. You and your delight remind us of the every day miracles. Miracles that we sometimes take for granted: a flower blooming, a bird flying, an ant carrying 10 times its weight and remembering its way back to its ant hill, a humming bird hovering like a helicopter, even an elevator, escalator, truck, train or airplane. Thank you for helping us remember these miracles. Thank you for your sense of wonder!
Aunt Susie also wants you to know that you are also
She wants you to realize that you are the leaders of tomorrow. Good leaders listen, think, and know their own hearts. These skills usually give them compassion for the world around them. Music teaches these skills and opens channels of expression and LOVE. Make your music daily and discover what is in your own heart!
You will see some big words on this site. Don’t be afraid of the big words. Big words give you an opportunity — a chance to visit the glossary or play with that special book — the dictionary! A dictionary is a lifelong friend. Use it often!
All books give you an opportunity to think. When gathering information from any book you have the chance to agree, disagree and decide what makes sense to you now and sometime in the future your ideas may change. Thinking allows for that growth and development.

You are invited to send in your poems, art work and music.
Some of them may be chosen to appear in the newsletter, which will be sent to the members of the Family Music Network. Please be advised that any pictures, words or music that you submit will become the property of Aunt Susie and the Family Music Network. They will be considered gifts and no money will be paid for those contributions.
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(727) 804-4908

“ABZ’s of Musical Instruments is a colorful and inspiring road map to music, creativity and diversity for people of all ages. With its photographs and descriptions of instruments from around the world, and its thought-provoking insights, this book will delight and challenge the creative child in everyone!” —Richard Darne, Director of Music, Mary Z. Darne, Choir Director Cedar Lane UU Church Bethesda, MD