Drum Roll Please
We invite you to live fully and
Bring YOUR gifts to the World today and everyday!

  • Sing Your Heart Song
  • Play Your Instruments
  • Claim YOUR Heart and Soul and
  • Pay it forward to the Universe
  • Pay it forward FOR the Universe

Nominate your favorite movie producer and director to make the (working title) “Purple Hearts for Living Fully” movie starting all the musicians who made tremendous sacrifices to bring their Music to the world!

Is there a Peace Prize for Music? If not let us help create one!

Let us join others in Creating this new movie style–Peace Movies rather than War Movies–we have glorified war long enough and our Vets pay the price daily with the life-long challenges as a result of the insanity of glorifying the horrifying. Often they pay that price alone, without the support that they still “need” decades after returning with the trunk loads of horror that no person should have to witness, create or live through and with.

Music can help heal these wounds and support people through life-challenges small and large. Let us each do our parts to create a world of PEACE!

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“I loved your book The ABZ’s of Musical Instruments from the first time I picked it up. It contains so much of what I’ve subconsciously wished for in a children’s music book: * Exposure to world instruments, * themes of world peace and love, * encouragement to do music and face fears, * information about the background of instruments, * random fun pages like the Creative Color Chart, * total loving recognition of support with references emphasizing ‘community + gratitude, and LOVE of LIFE!’ “So thank you so much for following this inspiration of yours! I feel very grateful to have a copy of your book and know it will come in handy as a great resource in times to come.” —Erin S., Student Teacher, Bryn Athyn, PA