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We really enjoyed the Music Performance. It was full of love and felt so caring. I thought it was great to See so many performers in one place, such variety and the opportunity for so many seniors to ‘shine’. My husband said “I enjoyed it more than I expected to.” I liked exposing the girls to such an event. Smart move to put the kids down on the stage floor. Jade has commented several times about the blind pianist. We bought her CD and it is lovely.
You did a fabulous job.

Beverly Bitterman

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“Susan Patricia Golden (Aunt Susie) has gathered together a wonderfully personal and passionate book for children of all ages. The book is extremely colorful and full of her personal conviction that music participation and learning are the most valuable experiences that humans have a chance to participate in. Bravo, Aunt Susie!!!” —David Darling Co-Founder of Music for People 2010 Grammy Winner