Lakewood United Methodist Church and Apollo Project, Inc. both in St. Petersburg, Florida with Members of other congregations including:

  • McCabe UMC,
  • Sylvan Abbey UMC,
  • Crystal River UMC
  • Lakewood United Church of Christ,
  • Unitarian Universalist of Clearwater,
  • St. Bede’s Episcopal Church,
  • Tampa Bay Church of Christ
  • The Orchestra are members of Floimezzo

Presented: Soundscapes of Joy Concert Series 2009,  “A Child for Our Time

Floimezzo members:

  • Flute:  Lori Kleinman, Viola:  Gayland Weston,   Clarinet: Diana Belcher, Cello: Mandy Milliot


  • World/Folk instruments: Baba Abasi Ote
  • Piano: Lisa Heisner
  • Drums: Brenda Bledsoe
  • Small Percussion: Samantha Foster
  • Guitar: Richard Knight
  • Bass: Lee Ahlin

Wonderful event with talented people of all ages and text taken from a survey to the Lakewood Congregation.

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“I loved your book The ABZ’s of Musical Instruments from the first time I picked it up. It contains so much of what I’ve subconsciously wished for in a children’s music book: * Exposure to world instruments, * themes of world peace and love, * encouragement to do music and face fears, * information about the background of instruments, * random fun pages like the Creative Color Chart, * total loving recognition of support with references emphasizing ‘community + gratitude, and LOVE of LIFE!’ “So thank you so much for following this inspiration of yours! I feel very grateful to have a copy of your book and know it will come in handy as a great resource in times to come.” —Erin S., Student Teacher, Bryn Athyn, PA